GP3-Sunray sr4-[DM800se]-Greek-sim2.10-ssl84b-by sat gr

For clones Sunray sr4 [DM800HDse] sim2.10 only

installation in internal flash or in multiboot

Drivers original Second stage loader 84b

Thanks to all the authors for all the usefull plugins :

1)mcelliot_g for :

VME v8.0 code full Greek

enigma2 mo file

HandelGotDBol files

and enigma2-greek-sources-crossepg

2)GSF Team for enigma2 GSF Subtitles Downloader v1.6.0(Latest v1.6.0) for OE 1.6

3)kastorasgr for enigma2-plugin-extensions-greeknetradio

4)Sat Dream Gr Team for enigma2-plugin-extensions-newmenu_3.0

5) mfaraj57 for Tspanel and livefootball

6) Foreca gr plugin by SatDreamGr

7)Thanks my friend riyad66+ for nice bootlogo


1. About DVB-T tuner i have readme in atachment

2. in this Greek image there are installed setting by Vhannibal and i add folder greek dvb-t just choose your advance tuner and you have active all Greek dvb-t channels

-=Download Multiupload=-

Do not forget saving your settings from software manager before flashing any new image

Have fun sat gr